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Working around the clock (well almost, at least) to bring you the funniest, cutest, coolest, smartest, weirdest and most awesome gifts for him that the web can possibly offer. We constantly search the web for any new additions to our catalogue, and we will not stop till this is the only portal for gifts you will ever need. There you have it! Big words… But only because we are passionate about the project we are working on.
If it ain´t fun, you won´t find it here! Fungiftsforhim.com is dedicated to bringing all the fun gifts for men to one ultimate place on the web.


Browse through the gazillions of products on this page and find what you are looking for – or what you didn´t know you wanted.


All products are handled through Amazon, so you buy through their trusted servers and systems. Less hassle!


Wait for the product to arrive, and put a smile on that man´s face! Certain way to make him your biggest fan.

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That means that whenever you make a purchase through amazon you are putting dollars in our pockets, and getting us closer to complete world domination and an infinite world of endless tyranny and disaster. Well, not quite. But we are earning a small commission on everything you might end up buying, which will help us keep this website alive, and maybe even pay off some of our student loans if we are lucky.

Our vision

Here at fungiftsforhim.com we believe that a happy man is a better man, which is why we want to make it easy for everyone out there to put a smile on his face by giving gifts that are fun! We all know how hard it can be to find an appropriate gift to a man who always “has it all” or “doesn´t need anything…”. It´s frustrating, to say the least! So no matter the occasion, no matter the man, no matter the age, or no matter the relationship – our vision is to make sure you find a gift for him at all costs! Happy gifting!

We do not actually sell anything

Just to make things clear – we don´t actually sell anything. All our products are handled through Amazon, so the payment process and shipping is all handled through them. What we do is just to feature the products on our webpage for you to browse through, so that you can feel safe handling all the payment and shipping through Amazon and their systems. We only want to make it easier for you to actually find a gift for him, not deal with all the other stuff when we don´t really have to. Better for us, better for you!