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Oct 17, 2018 | Blog, Featured Posts, Gift Ideas

Winter is coming – and we all know what that means: Crawling up underneath the comfy blanket made of the finest wolf fur, next to the fireplace with a cup of freshly brewed ale – while binge-watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones all over again as the cold sneaks in through the cracks of our wooden taverns. Game of Thrones season 7, the final installment of the show, is not too far around the corner – but before that we need to survive the winter. So, as tribute to one of the best shows on the planet, we have gathered some sweet Game of Thrones merchandise that will help you heat up the cool months ahead – and some of them might even be great christmas present ideas for the GOT fanatics out there. 

Game of Thrones: The Complete Seasons 1-7

First and foremost we need what is most important on this list – the ultimate gift for any Game of Thrones fan is ofcourse the complete seasons box set seasons 1-7. Because we can never rely too much on streaming alone, we feel that this is a solid investment in a series that we probably want to watch several times again in the future. So what is better then, than to own your own copy which you can fire up on the telly any time you`d like? No wifi needed, real old-school style. A real tribute to one of the best shows ever. 

Price: $115.99

I Drink and I Know Things

We´ll kick off this collection with one of our favorite Game of Thrones merchandise – made possible by the fantastic quote by Tryion Lannister. This is a perfect gift for Game Of Thrones fans! Made from the highest-standard thick glass in Casterly Rock, and also sold in King’s Landing – luckily not exclusively, as you can get it from Amazon as well. You also get a Hand of the King beer opener with your purchase. We really don´t see any reason not to have these in your kitchen arsenal.

Price: $20.97

Game of Thrones: House Sigil Coaster Set

When you buy the “I drink and I know things” glass you also need coasters to go along with it – so we suggest getting your hands on the Game of Thrones house sigil coaster set. This is a licensed Game of Thrones product, and a must-have for any Game of Thrones fan. The set features four coasters with the sigils of four different royal houses. Bring a piece of Westeros into your own castle, and serve drinks on a coaster they deserve!

Price: $7.14

Game of Thrones House Crest Socks

And once you have your drinking glass and coasters in place, you need to make sure that your feet don´t get cold. So why not go all out fan-boy and show off your favorite GOT house with these Game of Thrones house crest socks? These socks are perfect accessories for the true Game of Thrones fan, and also – i´ve heard they are extremely suitable and comfortable for watching the TV show with your feet soundly placed in the couch.

Price: $13.99

Game of Thrones Toilet Decal

This is definitely one of our favorite Game of Thrones merchandise of this list! Once you´ve served your drinks in the GOT glass, on your GOT coasters – after a while some of your friends might start for feel the urge to visit the restroom. Now, imagine their surprise when they realize you´ve made your own little iron throne in there – which makes “King´s Landing” take on a whole different meaning… So let yourself, or your friends, feel the power that comes from sitting at the “iron throne” – this wall decal is the best thing ever!

Price: $19.98

Game of Thrones Music Box

Soothe your mind with the Game of Thrones theme music that we´ve all come to love so much, played right out of this cute little wooden music box. The perfect gift for a true GOT fan, and it looks pretty cool as well! The music from the box sounds pretty darn good as well.

Fun fact: The theme music for Game of Thrones was composed by Ramin Djawadi in 2011, a German Composer who has made the theme music for several other popular shows. Asked to avoid flutes and violins, which the producers felt were overused in fantasy themes, Djawadi used the cello as the lead instrument. I think we can all agree that that was a pretty good choice, as the theme music is absolutely marvellous in every way.

Check out the video below!

Price: $66.99

Stark/Targaryen Sigil Game of Thrones T-Shirt

This awesome Game of Thrones T-Shirt says so much with so little – a simplistic and stylish piece that is both fan-worthy and stylish all together. A great addition to any fan`s wardrobe, and a must have for all you Snow and Dragonqueen lovers out there. 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey, and worthy of any fine man of Westeros. It comes in several colors, something for any taste. 

Price: $11.04

Clue Game of Thrones Board Game

High treachery and betrayal are behind the two mysteries to solve in game of Thrones clue. Featuring a double-sided game board, players choose to solve the murder mystery in the red keep or in Meereen. Who was responsible for plotting the murder? What weapon was used and where did the crime take place?

This game is perfect for those days when you don´t have the opportunity to watch Game of Thrones on TV or HBO – maybe you don´t have wifi, or maybe you´re at the cabin with bad reception. Or maybe you just wanna have a game night with friends and try out a different kind of game. There is also a Monopoly version of Game of Thrones, as well as a game of Risk with Game of Thrones accessories – both of them also look super fun!

Price: $41.14

HODOR Door Stopper

Ok – without trying to spoil too much. If you know, you know. One of the most eyewetting revelations of Game of Thrones season 6 – at least it resulted in this quite hilarious but (painfully reminding) door-stopper.

Price: $19.85

3D Kings Landing Puzzle

Ok, this one is awesome – anotherone of our favorites. The 3D Cityscape Game of Thrones: 3D Kings Landing Puzzle brings the vibrant land from the popular TV show to life featuring the iconic Kings Landing where the Red Keep and Iron Throne reside. Imagine having this in your living room, showing it off to everyone coming to visit!

Price: $22.84

The books: A song of ice & fire

This list wouldn´t be complete without the masterpiece itself: The books that started it all – All five books that spawned the most popular TV show in history: Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, Feast for Crows, Storm of Swords and A Dance With Dragons. If you are a true fan you should absolutely own these books, and they should occupy the best space in the bookshelf.

Price: $46.14

We may have to do a part 2

as there were so many awesome merchandise for Game of Thrones that we just couldn´t fit it all in one post without making it way too long. So look out for a part two of this amazing collection of Game of Thrones products.


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