The Ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Oct 27, 2018 | Blog, Featured Posts

It`s that time of year again. The cold air is sneaking in, the leaves have fallen off the trees, our favorite fashionable clothing is back in the shop shelves. Christmas is nearly here – and in the occasion of Christmas love and joy we have gathered a collection of some of the ugliest ugly Christmas sweaters we could find out there. Every year there is a hidden worldwide agenda to produce the ugliest of the ugly – and we love it. No better way to spread Christmas joy than by showing off some crazy knitted masterpiece to the world around you. See the collection below. Which is your favorite? What is your craziest Christmas sweater idea? Tell us in the comment section below!  

Our top pick: Beer pong christmas sweater

For creative Christmas sweaters, this one is pretty far up there! Not only cool, very useful at Christmas parties as well! The sweater comes with detachable cups and original beer pong ball! This Ugly Christmas Sweater is definitely our favorite pick, as it has both functionality and class. Be warned though, you will be very popular at the party.

Price: $34,95

Hooded Reindeer Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater is hard to categorize as ugly, because we absolutely adore it. I mean, look at that proud lookin Reindeer, and that cute little hood. This one makes us wish Christmas sweaters were OK all year…

Price: $39.99

Crazy Cat ugly Christmas Sweater

This one is a classic, and must have, for all cat lovers! Nothing says christmas more than a fugly cat sweater. Made by the kings of ugly sweater design – Raisevern. Great for Christmas parties and for those awkward family dinners. And so ridiculously cute at the same time. We love cats. We love Christmas.

Price: $15.99

Hot girl Christmas Sweater

Well, not exactly ugly some might argue… Vulgar, yes. Ugly… Well, men will be men… But dressing one up in this one will most likely not be very pretty to be fair. Still – Christmas Sweaters know no boundaries, so I guess all is allowed when it comes to design here.

Price: $16.99

fireplace ugly christmas sweater

After the previous sweater we need to take few steps back and feature a sweater a little more down to earth. This awesome ugly Christmas Sweater has a actual digital fireplace knitted in the cool little fireplace. Double tap to extinguish and light the fire!

Price: $20.00

Romantic Santa Light-Up

This little knitted beauty of an Ugly Christmas Sweater not only looks awesome – with its cheeky little naughy santa, it also lights up with small Christmasy lightbulbs. Be the life of the Christmas party with this one!

Price: $26.24

Jon Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is coming, let it Snow! We couldn´t agree more, and we also couldn´t help but loving this clever ugly Christmas sweater – and we certainly can´t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones.

Price: $23.64


Naked Guy Christmas Sweater

Ok, this one might just be the ugliest Christmas Sweaters of all time – and we love it! If you wanna liven´ up an awkward family dinner, proclaim your misery at work, or just look awesome in public – then this is your pick. Would you wear it?

Price: $15.98

Fresh Prince Ungly Christmas Sweater

We all love Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and we all definitely love Carlton – at least those of us fortunate enough to grow up with this amazing show. A Fresh Prince Christmas Sweater is definitely something worth a place in the closet!

Price: $19.85

Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

We know that not everyone out there celebrates Christmas the same way – so it´s important to have ugly sweaters for other´s who want to join in on the fun as well! Happy Hanukkah to all!

Price: $39.95

Christmas Reindeer Humping Sweater

We finish off this collection with an Ugly Christmas Sweater with an important message – a message of what Christmas is all about: Peace, love and happiness. Make love, not war etc. Christmas is the time to make sure that no one is left outside, that no one is alone. So if you see someone out there who look a little lonely – reach out a hand and spread some love. And please wear this sweater while you do.

Price: $18.95

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