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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Memorable Gift For A Bridesmaid

Your big day is nearly here and you are looking for a fun, thoughtful and unique gift for a bridesmaid? Your search ends here.

This list has quirky ideas so you can stop wondering what to put in bridesmaids’ gift bags at a bridal shower, or give away as your bachelorette party favors or put into your bridesmaid proposal boxes (will you be my bridesmaid gift) .

Read on and be ready to surprise your bridesmaids!

Orchid Bath Spa Set

This luxurious looking 5-piece bath spa gift set is the best gift for a bridesmaid, to thank her for being by your side, on your big day. Includes a scented candle, hand cream, body butter, a bath bar and a bath bomb, all neatly packed in a lovely gift box.

Available on for $21.99

Bridesmaid proposal boxes - gift jewelry box

Mini Jewelry Box

Choose from a pack of 8 or 12 mini-jewelry box pack with ‘Bride’ , ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ inscribed on the remaining boxes. Makes the best gift for a bridesmaid as a bridesmaid proposal box or bachelorette party favor.

Available on for $29.99

hair tie cards for bridesmaids
Bridesmaid gifts - retro sunglasses
soft fuzzy slippers for Bridesmaids.jpg
compact mirror pack - Bridesmaid proposal gifts
Satin silk Bridesmaid Robes
Body Shop Gift Set

British Rose Skin Care Set

This British Rose skin care set from Body Shop has 5 items included in a neat zipped cover. Lovely gift for a bridesmaid that she will surely use even after the wedding. Can be a nice addition to your bridesmaid proposal boxes.

Available on for $30

gifts for a bridesmaid - steel tumblers
a bridesmaid definition glass can
Personalized Canvas Bag for women
Nodpod sleep eye mask
bling bag for bridesmaid

Common questions about bridesmaid gifts

How much should I spend on bridesmaid gifts?

There’s no fixed rule about this because it really depends on how grand your wedding is. Bear in mind though, that your bridesmaids will probably spend quite a bit for your wedding as well – for their hair, makeup, shoes, dress and possibly travel too if they are out of town. So you might want to factor all that in, and make sure you get thoughtful bridesmaid gifts.
Overall though, if you would still like a number – a $50 gift is acceptable and $75-$100 is pretty decent.

What are bridesmaid proposal gifts for?

You are supposed to ‘propose’ or ask your shortlisted candidates, if they would agree to be your bridesmaid. Any gift from $5 to $50 is okay, when you ask them. Most often, bridesmaid proposal boxes or proposal cards are given along with a token gift. The bridesmaid proposal gift is not mandatory, so if you prefer to ask the girls informally over lunch or a call & would rather spend this amount towards getting a bigger thank you gift for your bridesmaids, you could skip the bridesmaid proposal gifts altogether.

In Conclusion – Get a Thoughtful Gift for a Bridesmaid

Choose your bridesmaids carefully, surround yourself with the ones you love on your special day. While they rack their brains trying to get you the best wedding gifts, you be sure to get an extra-special thank-you gift for your bridesmaids too.

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